The Framework for Teaching

Posted on: Tue, 10/16/2018 - 09:00

What are some of the tools that Frederick County teachers have to support their daily work in the classroom?

When I was a first-year teacher, I was nervous about an upcoming classroom visit by my supervisor.  My colleagues told me to wear plaid on the day my supervisor came to observe my class.  “He likes plaid,” they explained.  I therefore assumed that would have an impact on my observation feedback.  Those were the only words of wisdom my colleagues shared about the evaluation process – or at least, that’s the only piece of advice I remember.  And yes, I wore plaid that day!

Today, teachers in FCPS do not have to guess what any observer wants to see in their classroom – it is high-quality instruction, and high-quality instruction is defined by Danielson’s Framework for Teaching.  This detailed rubric is a tool that empowers teachers.

Teachers who use the Framework for Teaching are empowered because they:

  • Share a common language to discuss instructional practices with colleagues and administrators.
  • Use the rubric to reflect on their instructional practices.
  • Access resources designed to clarify the domains and indicators of the rubric. (You can see the Framework for Teaching rubric here).
  • Identify professional learning opportunities that support growth on the indicators and domains.

The Framework for Teaching captures the complexity of teaching and offers a tool that guides teachers to excel in high-quality instructional practices daily, beyond the observation/evaluation process.  I hope all teachers will embrace it and be empowered!

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