In My Shoes: Judy Center Program Coordinator

Posted on: Thu, 10/11/2018 - 09:00

School readiness begins at birth, and achievement gaps can be evident as early as 2 years of age! By working with families of children from birth through 5, the Judy Center makes a difference for students in the Lincoln and Waverley Elementary communities.

photo of teacher hugging studentThere is nothing as magical as the smile of a young child. Well, the giggles of a young child are truly magical too. So imagine being able to see those smiles and hear those giggles as a regular part of your job. It is no wonder that the team who supports the Frederick County Judy Center smiles a lot too.

I visited with Judy Center Program Coordinator Kathy Allen during playgroup time at the Judy Center. Young children were singing happily in one room and climbing on mats in the other room. Parents were there too—observing and learning new songs and games to play with their children at home. But most of all, the families were enjoying being part of a community that supports them in so many ways!

The Judy Center offers a variety of programs for children throughout the year—like the playgroups or learning parties or literacy nights. In the summer, there are special camp programs too. Additionally, there are educational resources for parents on parenting skills, nutrition, and budgeting. And thanks to the generosity of community partners, families can get diapers and clothing.

Two Family Services Coordinators are also there to listen and support families in a variety of ways. They connect families with community support services, health services, and adult education classes. They assist parents with completing applications for school, child care, and assistance programs. The Family Services Coordinators are visible in the neighborhood and have become trusted friends to the Judy Center families.

photo of children playingWarmth and joy were evident throughout my visit to the Judy Center. And I was grateful to take away a bit of the magic from the children’s smiles and giggles! Over 500 families participate in Judy Center activities at either Lincoln ES or Waverley ES. Thanks to the Judy Center team for spreading joy and making a difference for families! School readiness definitely starts here!

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