Welcoming the 2018-19 School Year

Posted on: Thu, 08/30/2018 - 09:00

This year, FCPS welcomes almost 43,000 students and their families back to school.

Beginnings are always exciting, and each school year offers a beginning for students and staff. It is a great time to establish personal goals for success and to take advantage of new opportunities!

The Board of Education has established 5 Aspirational Goals that guide the work of our school system. As we embark on this new school year, it is worth reviewing and reflecting on these powerful goals. Everyone – staff, students, families, and community members – plays a critical role in reaching these goals.

  • Aspirational Goal 1:  FCPS will equip each and every student to be an empowered learner and an engaged citizen to achieve a positive impact in the local and global community.
  • Aspirational Goal 2: FCPS will hire, support, and retain staff who champion individual, professional, and student excellence.
  • Aspirational Goal 3: FCPS will pursue and utilize all resources strategically and responsibly to achieve identified outcomes and inspire public confidence.
  • Aspirational Goal 4: FCPS will nurture relationships with families and the entire community, sharing responsibility for student success and demonstrating pride in all aspects of our school system.
  • Aspirational Goal 5: FCPS will promote a culture fostering wellness and civility for students and staff.

You can get details and updates on how FCPS works every day to meet those powerful aspirational goals here.

As Superintendent, I also reflect on what I believe will be essential for a successful school year:

  • Demonstrate respect for every individual so that we form positive, caring relationships.
  • Be persistent as students and staff because teaching and learning are hard work.
  • Take a risk so that we can grow and improve as individuals and a system.
  • Embrace change as the "norm" for living in the 21st Century.
  • Commit to excellence in yourself and others – high expectations matter!

I love the energy that comes with the new school year, and I hope that energy permeates all 180 days! Best wishes for a fabulous educational journey in the year ahead!

As we start the new school year, we love having parents and families share their back-to-school thoughts, aspirations, and photos. Please feel free to share on Twitter @FCPSMDSuper. And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it on Facebook or Twitter.