Welcoming New Hires to FCPS

Posted on: Thu, 08/23/2018 - 09:00

Over 300 teachers, psychologists, behavior specialists, and school counselors filled the auditorium at Tuscarora High School for the kick-off to our new-hire symposium. The symposium provides essential information our new hires need as they join the FCPS family.

WelcomeEvery beginning sparks excitement, nervousness, and the drive to "get to it!" Those feelings are palpable as our new hires gather for the new-hire symposium—a weeklong professional learning opportunity for those joining the FCPS family. Throughout the week, they will interact with members from many departments: Professional Learning, Accelerating Achievement and Equity, Curriculum & Innovation, and Technology. They will also visit their school and meet mentors who will support them throughout the year. It truly "takes a village" to embrace and nurture these new colleagues!

Every year as I greet our new hires, I am filled with gratitude. A career in public education is not easy, and the demands grow every year. We know there is a national teacher shortage, and fewer college students are choosing this noble profession. Yet, I know it is a career filled with purpose and the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. I know the people in the auditorium are answering a call to service—and I am so grateful to join them on their journey!

As I stand there ready to give them some "motherly" advice, I can vividly recall my own first day in August 1981. There was so much new information to absorb and so many things to consider, but most of all I could not wait to meet my students and to let the journey begin! And what a fabulous journey it has been! Long days, hard work, complex problems, moments of joy, moments of frustration, but always the realization that I could make a difference, impact a life, and deliver on the promise of public education! How can I possibly convey that in a few minutes of welcoming comments? I can’t and I don’t have to because it is something they will all experience on their own. And it will be an experience that bonds them with other teachers across FCPS and the nation.

So I welcome them and thank them. Then comes the "motherly" advice—please take care of yourself. We need you at your best each and every day because each and every FCPS student is counting on you!

Congratulations to everyone who has joined our FCPS family. You are joining many other champions of excellence, and we look forward to great things in the year ahead!

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P.S. I received so many comments about the "In My Shoes" series from the summer and lots of suggestions for folks to highlight. There are just too many wonderful employee groups to be able to share in 12 weeks, so look for more "In My Shoes" blogs throughout the year ahead.