In My Shoes: FCPS Warehouse Personnel

Posted on: Thu, 08/16/2018 - 15:00

The word "warehouse" conveys images of a big building with lots of items stored on rows and rows of shelves. This image works for the FCPS warehouse, yet there is so much more than storage that happens there.

photo of Warehouse Management team
From left: Robert Saxon, Lead Warehouse specialist;
Roy McHaffa, Warehouse Manager; David Stine,
Warehouse Foreman

When I met with Warehouse Manager Roy McHaffa, he had created an outline to explain to me what happens during the summer for the warehouse team. I asked if I could use the outline to take notes during my visit, and I added almost 2 full pages of additional detail. Warehouse Foreman David Stein captured it perfectly when he told me, "We are about logistics."

Those logistics include mail services, shredding services, receipt and delivery of systemic orders (for printing, curricular resources, custodial supplies, materials for Food and Nutrition Services and more) and collection of furniture and other materials for redistribution, recycling or sale. And, of course, there’s lots of storage for various departments, too!

Summer tasks are planned in March and April when Mr. McHaffa meets with staff from facilities and operations to obtain the list of summer projects and summer cleaning needs. After determining the labor and equipment necessary to address these projects, vacancies for temporary summer help are posted; applicants are interviewed and hired so they are ready for an orientation and training in June.

Then the moving begins! Podiums, chairs and musical instruments for graduation ceremonies kick off the summer season. Removing furniture and equipment from Urbana ES and the SUCCESS program, picking up outdated computers, and moving boxes for administrators and teachers who are changing schools are examples of the 2018 tasks. Using our warehouse team and the temporary summer workers to make these moves saves FCPS a substantial amount of money!

Furniture and equipment coming into the warehouse are inventoried in preparation for being reused, sold or recycled. Warehouse Specialist George Frye handles the surplus component of the warehouse. A list of surplus items is shared with school leaders, who can request the additional furniture for delivery by the warehouse team. Remaining items that are still in good shape are sold on Gov Deals. The rest get recycled. Since 2009, FCPS has received $1.5 million from Gov Deals. [I was surprised that the warehouse team even cleans and preps old school buses to sell on Gov Deals!] Annually, recycled metal garners about $2,000 and recycled computers bring about $8,000!

Mail delivery occurs year round through the warehouse couriers. Approximately 500,000 pieces of U.S. mail are processed each year. Interoffice envelopes and bulk mail are delivered as well to FCPS and Frederick County Government offices.

As summer ends, the warehouse team will be busy delivering calendar handbooks, textbooks, custodial supplies, cafeteria supplies and more to schools. They also support the "Stuff the Bus" campaign and donations received from The Neediest Kids program.

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photo of warehouse employees working
Warehouse employees preparing for the school year.