In My Shoes: Television Services Team

Posted on: Thu, 05/03/2018 - 09:00

If you have ever watched Channel 18 or viewed videos created for our staff or caught an episode of “Tweet of the Week,” you have experienced the creative talents of the members of our Television Services Team!

People frequently comment on my crazy schedule, but there are many staff who attend the majority of events with me—including the 3 members of our Television Services Team.  They are there when I tape Tweet of the Week or any special message for the community. They join me for the prize patrols to celebrate award winning teachers or students. They support my budget presentations, opening Administrative Leadership sessions, and videotape special award ceremonies for students and staff. They operate the TV studio for every Board of Education meeting.  And they create professional development videos, promotional materials to support student events, and well, just about anything someone in the system needs! What they produce is always top quality and it is easy to forget they are a team of just 3 people!

I have come to know them well in the last 7 years, and I am continuously impressed by their work ethic and commitment to FCPS! Recently, I was visiting a classroom at FHS and witnessed their videoconference with a group of LYNX students interested in a career in communications. I learned a lot listening to them describe their training and why they love doing what they do!

They are storytellers at heart, and love the fabulous stories provided by FCPS students and staff.  In fact, having the chance to interact with students, to promote their unique personalities and to bring their stories to life is one of the best parts of their job. You can see some of these amazing stories on our social media sites.  Just look here or here.

Collaboration is a critical part of their success. Virtually every department interacts with this team. The Television Services team seeks to find the best way to promote the stellar achievements of a department or to select the best tool or medium to deliver content.  Excellent work requires teamwork from planning to product. And they are known for their excellent products!

Excellence also requires knowledge of the “cutting edge” tools of their trade. This team continues to learn and to explore options that allow them to “find the best possible platform for our students, staff, and community to have a voice.”

Tim Dean, Jeremy Eccard, and Kelly Gordon truly make us FCPSProud!

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