Every Caring Message Makes a Difference: Part 1

Posted on: Wed, 10/20/2021 - 11:28

Think twice!

Think!At a recent conference with Board of Education members and superintendents from across the state of Maryland, one attendee shared that “everybody seems to be angry.”  I heard a similar sentiment on a radio show questioning if nasty and negative was becoming the new normal. Recent national news stories serve as reminders that social media can cause harm in many ways.  So, how do we stop this cycle of negative, nasty, and destructive messages?

It sounds cliché, but it is up to every individual to make a choice to be positive.  Adults need to serve as role models for children. Parents need to monitor their child’s use of social media.  Schools need to emphasize digital citizenship and collaborate with families and community partners to support a positive and productive use of social media.

The Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health offers this acronym as a useful strategy when posting on social media.

THINK twice before posting on social media.  Ask yourself:

T: Is it truthful?
H: Does it help?
I: Does it inspire?
N: Is it necessary?
K: Is it kind?

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, the mental health needs of our students and staff continue to be a focus for FCPS. This small step in rethinking how we use social media could pay huge dividends!

THINK  of the difference you could make in someone’s day!