The Next Chapter

Posted on: Tue, 06/15/2021 - 09:06

Our graduating seniors and retirees are both closing their final chapter with Frederick County Public Schools and preparing to write the next chapter in their lives. Their parting words have much in common!

When I asked graduating seniors to reflect on the most important lessons they learned in high school, they spoke about accepting everyone for who they are, trying new things, setting goals, working hard, and learning self-advocacy. Frequently, they acknowledged that it was a teacher or staff member who guided them as they learned these lessons.

When retirees reflected on the most significant moments in their career, the importance of relationships with students and colleagues and making a difference for others were the most common themes. It is easy to see the connection between the values shared by the retirees and the important lessons learned by our graduates!

For both of these groups of individuals in 2021, their final chapter with FCPS occurred while a pandemic crisis created an upheaval in every facet of their lives. There were many lessons learned by graduating seniors as a result of the pandemic. Students shared incredible reflections on how they valued family and friends more, learned the importance of patience, appreciated a slower pace, and understood the importance of maintaining physical and mental health. It is not surprising that many of these things are what retirees have indicated they plan to do in their retirement!

These graduating seniors and retirees completed the final chapter of their FCPS journey under unique circumstances, and they should be incredibly proud. They adapted, persevered, and demonstrated courage. It is an honor to celebrate their accomplishments!

As these two groups head off to write the next chapter of their lives, I hope they will carry the words they shared as they left FCPS with them---continue to accept yourself and others, try new things, make a difference in other people’s lives, adapt, value your loved ones, and remember to slow down so you can truly enjoy each and every moment.

Congratulations! We will always be #FCPSProud of you!