A Parent’s Praise for Creative Problem Solving

Posted on: Tue, 05/26/2020 - 09:00

This week’s Off the Cuff features a guest blogger whose son attends Tuscarora High School. See her message about a special project THS undertook to encourage students to wear masks for community safety.

My son has special needs and is a diploma-bound student at Tuscarora HS. He is quite skilled on the computer and researches regularly. He has been following the COVID-19 crisis worldwide, reporting to us what other areas were doing in the hopes Maryland would open back up and he could return to school. We recently found things can go awry when he proclaimed that he was not wearing a mask because most Americans are not. This surprised us because when the rest of us leave the house, we wear masks. We have also talked to him about protecting other people who are sick. He has a good friend that has recently completed cancer treatment.

When I mentioned my son’s mask proclamation to his teacher, she got right to work crafting an idea on how to help. She contacted teachers and staff members at THS and asked them to send photos of themselves wearing masks. My son’s biology teacher even made a video on the science of why we wear a mask. Some of the teachers also wrote messages to my son. His teacher incorporated all of that into a video.

We are so appreciative of the time and care that went into this video. I recognize that it takes but a moment to take a photo and send it. However, we are truly touched by the participation and sweet messages that staff took the time to write. My son has missed school, and until it was announced that they were not returning, he repeatedly told us he could not wait to go back. He said he missed everyone. It was a pleasure to watch the video with him and learn who the faces behind the masks were. One person even took their photo in front of a school bus – our son’s favorite thing!

Our son enjoyed the video so much that, even though we had to pause it to complete another activity, he asked to continue it once we were finished. He now says he will wear a mask when he leaves the house.

We are incredibly grateful to his teacher and all the teachers and staff that participated in the video. I am touched beyond words at the number of faces and the sweet messages that were incorporated.