Dealing with the Pandemic: Everyday Heroes in the Instructional Team

Posted on: Tue, 05/05/2020 - 09:00

This week’s blog continues to recognize the valuable contributions of FCPS staff as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Distance learning for an entire school system is a drastic change. I want to recognize and thank the incredible staff from our instructional team who have enabled us to support families and employees through this change.

  • Members of the department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation have lived up to their name! For several years, this team has been building a digital ecosystem that serves us well as we navigate distance learning. They continue to deliver professional learning, resources, and support to our staff.
  • Administrative assistants have responded to phone calls, kept correspondence flowing, and ensured departmental and school needs are met!
  • Staff from our System Accountability and School Improvement team have ensured the “behind the scenes” work of data collection, record keeping, and reporting continue in a seamless fashion. These systems support instructional staff and also keep FCPS in compliance with mandated requirements.
  • Equity is a systemic priority, and members of the Department of Accelerating Achievement and Equity have responded to the needs of staff and students in the areas of special education, English learners, advanced academics and equity. Whether addressing compliance issues, developing resources, or providing professional development, this team works tirelessly for each and every student!
  • Staff from the Department of Student Services have focused on the mental health needs of our students and families. Whether connecting families to resources, trying to locate a child who has not accessed distance learning or providing counseling, these staff members have worked tirelessly.
  • Principals and Assistant Principals have adapted their roles to fit with a distance learning paradigm. They continue to support staff with instruction and monitoring student progress. They connect with students and families to address concerns, but more importantly to celebrate students. Their love of their students is so evident!
  • Teachers have also adapted to being digital instructors. They have worked creatively to present opportunities for students to learn, monitored progress, and worked tirelessly to keep students engaged. They too have shown the love they have for their students!
  • Instructional assistants, interventionists, and specialists have collaborated with teachers and administrators to do whatever it takes to support students and families. The connections they have with students and families continue to make a difference, even from a distance!

The strength of the team is what enables the organization to manage the crisis and do what is right for students! Hopefully, these last two blogs have given everyone a sense of the many valuable members of the FCPS team! I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge some other critical team members—The Board of Education and senior leaders who provide steady guidance and an unwavering commitment to our students! #FCPS Proud