Dealing with the Pandemic: Everyday Heroes in the Business Services Team

Posted on: Tue, 04/28/2020 - 09:00

As a school system, we have faced many challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis. Today’s blog is dedicated to the FCPS staff who are everyday heroes on the Business Services team, making a difference for so many people.

In a time of crisis, the strength of a team is very apparent. Will they rally together to meet the challenges? Will they give their best effort, despite fear, to achieve the goal? Will they support each other whatever the need? Will they succeed as a team?

Schools have been closed for 7 weeks due to the pandemic impacting our entire nation. FCPS is very fortunate to have staff members who have performed as an exemplary team! This week, I recognize and thank members of our business divisions for their incredible efforts:

  • Food and Nutrition Service workers have been feeding children since the first day of closure, preparing and serving 3 meals a day without fail.
  • Bus drivers have helped with the delivery of meals to locations across the county.
  • Staff in our Department of Technology Infrastructure have prepared thousands of devices and reviewed a variety of software platforms to help staff, students, and families with distance learning. They continue to handle hundreds of questions every day.
  • Custodians and maintenance workers have cleaned our buildings and serviced equipment so that when schools reopen, our buildings are safe for everyone.
  • Human Resources staff continue to recruit, interview, and hire new employees. They also respond to questions related to retirement, health benefits, and certification. And they share wellness tips and resources to support physical and emotional health.
  • The Public Affairs Department knows that communication is critical, especially in a time of uncertainty. They have shared emergency communications but have also ensured that typical programming continues. Additionally, they have planned ways to celebrate the Class of 2020. They are definitely morale boosters!
  • From paychecks to purchases to budgets, the Office of Fiscal Services has ensured smooth and steady operations. This reliability puts our staff at ease!
  • Construction is considered an essential service, and members of our Office of Facilities have continued to ensure that renovation and construction projects more forward--another way we can ensure a safe return for students and staff!
  • Staff in our Legal Services Department have researched the legal and policy changes created by the pandemic crisis. They continue to advise and respond to the many challenging questions that come our way!

It definitely takes a team effort to enable our organization to operate during the pandemic crisis. They make us #FCPS Proud each and every day!