National Principals Month

Posted on: Tue, 10/08/2019 - 09:00

Please take the opportunity to share your appreciation with a principal this month.

Principals are charged with being the instructional leaders of their schools—coaching and evaluating staff, providing professional development, reviewing data, and studying the latest research to ensure that each and every student meets with success. These tasks alone comprise a full-time job; however, we can all think of many other things that principals do for our students and staff.  Principals are…

  • master schedulers and re-schedulers (especially in the winter!)
  • cheerleaders for students
  • motivators when a student or staff lacks confidence
  • mediators
  • the ones who listen to all sides of an issue
  • creative problem solvers
  • the friendly face greeting students as they enter the building
  • trusted advisors
  • good sports when asked to do crazy things for fundraising goals
  • watchful eyes on lunch duty
  • the voice of reason, even when no one wants to hear it
  • email responders
  • participants in a variety of meetings
  • innovators
  • managers of budget and resources
  • building supervisors
  • difference makers!

It is no wonder that research confirms that the leadership of a principal is one of the most important factors in student achievement! Frederick County Public Schools is fortunate to have talented and dedicated principals serving our students and staff. I thank them for all they do, and I hope you will too!

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